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This page is currently under construction (like all pages were back in the late 90's). For more information about what this is all about, please visit the about page.

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- Kriss (site last updated on January 21st 2024)


January 21th 2024
New article! Read about File Buddy, the possibly best file manager for classic Mac OS!

December 6th 2023
You thought this page was dead? Well, it's not. At least not completely. I've now added a link section with abandoneware software for vintage computers. Check it out!

October 17th 2022
Pinball mania!

June 4th 2022
I made a game for classic Macs! Read more here.

May 25th 2022
This webpage is now made and published from a time appropriate Mac. Read more here.

April 10th 2022
Now with an article section. Read the first article here!

March 8th 2022
Added disclaimer to the bottom of the page.

March 3rd 2022
This site is launched!

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