About Retro Resources!

Now, what is this? And why does this page look so old and outdated?

It all began in... well, I don't know. Some time ago. I collect old computers and technology, and have collected a whole lot of software and other resources for them. And I simply wanted one place to have all those resources available. At the moment of creating this page, most of it is located on a lot of hard drives laying about, DVDs, CDs and even floppies. A lot of the stuff has been found through Wayback Machine, or has been saved by me a long time ago. Some resources are still available on their original internet locations, but a lot of it isn't.

So my point with this page is to cataloge it for my own sake, but I'm sure some other people might find it useful as well.


As for the looks...

This page is designed not only to resemble webpages of the 90's and early 2000's, but is even made with approperiate technology. With no JavaScript, and very limited CSS, this page will render correctly on computers dating back to the internet's beginning. Created and maintained with the time approperiate webpage authoring tool Adobe PageMill 3.0. This page should be as easy to use on your retro machine as on your modern one.


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Please contact me at kriss-andre@kajac.org.

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