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Lights Out! A new game for classic Macs

June 4th 2022 (Kriss-André Jacobsen)

I've created a brand new game for classic Mac OS machines. Well, the concept is really old, and is known as Lights Out. For each square you click on, it's selection will be inverted, along with the squares to the top, left, right and bottom of the selected square. The goal is to invert all squares, and it's really more difficult than it looks!

Originally created during the first lockdown of the Covid pandemic. Optimalized and made slightly better in the spring 2022.

This software is made completely free of charge for you, but as always you use it at your own risk. As this is only a small hobby project, I will not provide any support for it.

As for the system requirements, you'll need Mac OS 8 or 9 and a PowerPC processor.


Download Now! (version 1.1)

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