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We are 'Macin!

May 25th 2022 (Kriss-André Jacobsen)

Hey, look at this! I've now set up my old Power Macintosh 6500/250 on my retro desk in the living room. This means I now have a "permanent" classic Macintosh installed, which is also connected to the internet via ethernet. Some people might argue than a computer from the mid to late 90's probably shouldn't be connected to the web, but let's be honest; nobody is making viruses or other malware for Mac OS 9 anymore.

So this is (hopefully) the future workstation of this retro webpage. Adobe PageMIll 3.0, which this website is made with, works perfectly well on Mac OS 9. That means that from now on, Retro Resources will be written, designed, edited and published from time appropriate hardware. And that is some cool shit if you ask me!

Please enjoy these screenshots from the making of this article!

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