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The internet is bloated. And why this page exist.

April 10th 2022 (Kriss-André Jacobsen)

Yes, I said it. The internet is bloated. Or, well, the modern internet is. What used to be a simple information highway has became heavy resource-intensive. I mean, some web apps need to be heavy and resource intensive. But when you local dentist office's homepage, which only contains some text information and a phone number, is a 50 megabyte React-application which requires a fairly new browser, then something is wrong here. What happened to simple, quick and compatible information? This whole web page (the whole Retro Resources, not just this article, at the time of writing this post) is 118 KILOBYTE! And that is including the pictures! Why shouldn't plain, old HTML documents be good enough for simple web pages? Why does everything need to be an app?

It doesn't. That's the short answer. And that is why this page, which is meant to be a resource page for retro/vintage computing, is made using Adobe PageMill 3.0 from 1999. This not only creates and manages simple and lightweight web pages, but they are also compatible with the newest Chrome or Firefox, to the earliest versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape. Of course, this grade of compatibility is not necessary for 99 % of users, but for a retro resource site I feel it is important that these old computers, which this page is meant to support, is also compatible with this web page.

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